Nail Fungus Laser Treatment

ClearSteps ™ is a revolutionary new procedure for treating nail fungus. It is a non-invasive laser procedure to treat the affected nail and skin. It is simple, quick, safe and effective.

Prior to laser treatments for nail fungus, oral prescription medications were employed as the method of action for treatments. These treatment plans proved to be slow in their effectiveness and often yielded unwanted side effects. Laser nail fungus treatments can provide immediate relief for patients who suffer from this condition.

Video if nail fungus laser treatment

The treatment involves two steps. First, a fractionated erbium beam penetrates the infected nail. Second, an Nd:YAG laser beam is passed over the infected nail and surrounding tissue, resulting in a photo-thermal heating effect that weakens and kills the fungi that cause the infection. A single treatment usually takes about 15minutes. You will feel a hot sensation during the treatment, however you can leave immediately after the procedure and resume your daily routine. You could also experience some slight discoloration of the nail after the treatment

Actual patient ~ before & after nail fungus