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Rita J. Altman received her Physician Associate degree from Emory University in 1986 after attending Michigan State University for her undergraduate work. Her first 20 years were spent in the surgical arena where she perfected a technical skill and eye for beautiful skin closure. She worked alongside some of the top surgeons in Atlanta & San Francisco and was given accolades from them all.

For the last decade, Rita has dedicated her practice to facial re-contouring via non-surgical injections. She has performed over 100,000 procedures with the goal of recapturing and retaining a youthful, natural appearance through artistic injection placement on clients ranging from 21 – 91 years old. Whether it is lip enhancement, cheek augmentation, diminishing wrinkles caused by over-animation, or the deflation and gravitational pulls that aging causes; she will develop a plan of action to meet your goals.

Her work ethic is impeccable, her dedication unprecedented and her gentle touch make clients flock to her from near and far also attracting other practitioners to receive their treatments.


When choosing a medical practitioner to administer a neuro-modulator like botox/dysport/xeomin (TOX) or a Dermal Filler like Juvederm, Voluma, Radiesse +, Restylane Silk/Lyft or TCA Chemical Peel, it is imperative to choose a highly experienced and accomplished Aesthetic Practitioner. If shopping for price on a product remember that the materials may be the same but the Artist is more of what you are paying for. Not all Chefs are created equal nor is everyone a Michelangelo. After all it is your face, so choose wisely when  looking for an aesthetic specialist to perform facial enhancement procedures or you may end up having to have someone else fix or “re-do” what has been done and spend twice as much.

Choose a successful, highly accomplished and experienced Medical Provider for your cosmetic injections. Rita Altman should be your first choice when selecting this criteria.


  • Rita Altman is rated as one of the top injectors for Botox and fillers in the Country Rita has 32 years of successful experience doing highly complex procedures
  • Rita owns her own private practice, “Rita Medical Elite” and has a serious invested interest in making her clients happy
  • Rita has trained Plastic Surgeons, Physicians, and PA/NP’s to administer botox/dysport and fillers
  • 95% of Rita’s business is from repeat customers and referrals
  • Dozen’s of Rita’s clients who live out of state actually pay to fly in for their injections

Wouldn’t you rather have an experienced, proven, successful and highly recommended Practitioner who is also chosen to treat most of the Sarasota Medical Community as well?

Why do you think this is? Well, come into Rita Medical Elite and be one of her elite customers with a 100% customer satisfaction.

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